Iris Grace Paintings

Click the link, 5 year old Iris is autistic & cannot speak. However since the age of 3 she has been expressing herself through art work which is now selling for thousands of pounds.

Her parents are placing all proceeds from originals into a savings account in her name while proceeds from cards & prints of her paintings go towards speech therapy, yoga & other activities to help Iris develop her communication.

I especially like Octavia, Kuendelea, Anima & Dance to the Oboe.

Paintings & Prints.

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Cop Town by Karin Slaughter

Another excellent installment from Karin Slaughter.
This time we travel back in time & follow the intercepting lives of two female police officers in 1974 – a tough time to be on the force, when homophobia, racism, prejudice & sexism are rife throughout the ranks – as they battle to find a cop killer & fight for their right to be considered decent competent police women alongside their ‘good ol’ boy’ male counterparts.

This is intriguing from the beginning, pulling together two lives, Kate who has just joined the force & struggles to convince herself & everyone else that’s sh isn’t out of her depth; & Maggie, with a few years on the force under her belt & trying to prove herself as worthy on the force as her older brother Jimmy.

Definitely worth a read. As always Karin Slaughter does not disappoint.

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Check out @Divergent’s Tweet:

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Relationship Advice From Kids


A lovely hilarious guide to marriage & relationships from children. With some pretty valid points!


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Insurgent & Allegiant – Veronica Roth.

I have now read the following two novels in the divergent series by Veronica Roth.

I  am of the opinion that with character development & plot line Veronica is up there with Suzanne Collins & JK Rowling. These books are so in depth with real life possibilities they are almost frighting. This trilogy sucks you in from the get go & becomes an all consuming part of your day, leaving you heartbroken & lost after you turn the final page!

In the final instalments we follow Tris through her emotional turmoil’s & the learning curve she goes through as she battles to keep her world from turning more inside out. With more heartbreaking revelations, losses & new doors opened will she be able to keep her wits about her & her moral fibre intact?  & how will her & Tobias fare in a fight that is so much bigger than they are?


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Rafiki has Wise Words


Posted for you by Lady K. x

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Truth Right Here….

Sean Bean has a hard time keeping hold of characters it seems.

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