The Passage

I completed The Passage by Justin Cronin yesterday after months of slogging through & walking away & coming back to it between other reads.
It’s fabulously written but is impeccably difficult to get into since its constantly jumping between characters for a good chunk of the story. It’s hard to keep up & for a while I had no idea what the hell was going on or how it all added together.
Once I had sunk into it more & was beginning to grasp it’s direction it got so miserable I stopped for a while so as to keep from sinking into depression myself.
However, this all being said I became hooked once the plot settled & I got into its rhythm. It is a brilliant concept for a fantasy story that’s compelling & realistic.
I am only past novel One though as the sequel The Twelve is on my Christmas List & that is followed by a third instalment that has yet to be published.

If you can persevere with this long challenge then it is most definitely worth the read.


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