Time Spent With Friends – Free Favourites

Afternoon’s with childhood friends in their back garden on the street where we grew up.
No matter how frequently or not we see one another, it makes no difference to the fun & adventures we have, Mel, Naomi & I. We spent Tuesday afternoon at Mel’s house. It’s a lovely 1930’s semi detached home down the first cul de sac of our old street. A nice place it was too, if you don’t count the paedophile that called the phone box on the corner, the guy who got caught with guns, or the dude that managed to set his house alight.
Na I’m kidding, it really was & is a really great street to grow up on. With two quiet dead ending cul de sacs it’s a safe haven for kids to play with their friends, & the phone box on the corner is no longer there, so that’s that little concern dealt with too. We grew up here on the outskirts of Trowbridge, far enough from the dodgy estates but still close enough to walk into town. Mel & I knew each other by force, our mothers used to take us & her younger brother George to the beach together as toddlers & various other kiddy activities. Years later we are still good friends so something clicked! We met Naomi through a boy who lived across from Mel, bit of a rough one he was, but still, he’s the reason we came together, Naomi called on him one day at the same time I did & the three of us have remained friends ever since.

Mel & I ready to go out one Christmas! 

There weren’t just the four of us of course. Naomi introduced us to her friend Ollie who became good friends with George, & at the age of 12 we came across Louis while walking down to Naomi’s. He was trying to hang himself from one of the cherry trees outside his own house with his brand new school tie.
I don’t know why really, I don’t think he knew either, but he was new on our street so we somehow convinced him to come with us, & the rest is history, as they say. Nowadays we all have grown up lives of course, teachers, carers, bus drivers…. Louis moved to Devon several years back, but Ollie still sees him on a pretty regular basis, we all went down to his place last year & he was a guest at my wedding last summer, it’s always as though nothing has changed when we do all get together!

All of us together from left, Naomi, Louis, Oliie, Me, George Mel – with Jack too!


These guys & girls know me completely, they’ve seen it all, been with me through a lot, & we have some great memories Like Louis letting go of the spring ride in the park & knocking out a little girls teeth – Okay, it doesn’t ‘read’ funny, but trust me it was! Stealing Lou’s secret stash of booze & him chasing us around the house to retrieve it. House parties at Ollie’s when his parent’s weren’t around. Playing Crash Bandicoot on the original Playstation (blimey). Lou making us eggy bread & watching movies. Partying it up at gig nights in Terry’s back in the days where ID wasn’t essential & a pint of Fosters was £1. Getting merrily drunk at The White Swan in town – no longer the same joint it once was, & no where else since have I found Tequila Rosé. The swan was followed by The Hub, the only rock club in town… it’s now a charity shop. – This is why I don’t party any more! Ha.

The whole crew. From left – Naomi, Ollie Me, Mel & Louis.


Which brings me to Tuesday, Mel invited me round for an afternoon of tea & cake at her place, Naomi was going too & so we three had a good gossip & a giggle – while freaking out over the occasional wasp!
I got the chance to meet Mel’s two new rescue cats Kiwi & Smudge, & to check out the latest developments of the New kitchen – her & partner Tom are still renovating since they moved in as it needed some love & attention after more than 70 years in its original state. After more tea & some deliberation over DVD’s we sat & watched Beastly – the one with Alex Pettyfer & Vanessa Hudgens – a modern day beauty & the beast love story.

It’s afternoons like this that I love, spent with old friends enjoying a cuppa, a gossip & a good giggle. Though I think a good pub sesh is long over due to be honest! It’s been years since we went out! – Yes guys this a hint! 😉

One of my personal Free Favourite Things!!!

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